What This Blog Means to Me

Hi! My name is Carolyn. I’m 20 and I major in Business Management Economics at UC Santa Cruz. The reason I decided to start this blog was mostly to be able to give lifestyle, college, food, and travel tips. The other reason was because I needed an outlet to my every day life where I can just type anything with zero judgment. I am going to try my best to post once a week but if not, then hopefully at least once or twice a month.

So why did I want to start a blog again? I want to actually make this blog a priority along with my new IG @lifestyleonthego. I want to be able to post pictures of my travels/food pics so that I wouldn’t have to spam all my friends and be able to review things that I enjoy. I know that with starting a blog it takes of a LOT of effort to keep one going. So although I may be very busy throughout the school year, I will try my BEST to keep this blog going  🙂

But onto something more…serious. After turning 20 in July, I realized many things. I realized that I only have 2 years left of college and then it’s onto the “real world”. I realized that although it’s 2016, there are so many terrible things happening out in the world (and no I don’t mean that the Pokemon Go servers are down or that the new Instagram logo looks like a 5 year old drew it), but more like the things we take for granted are the things that people dream of having.

I used to have extreme online social anxiety where I would physically shake and get nervous whenever I posted an IG photo or change my Facebook profile picture because I cared WAY too much about what other people think. I used to get extremely annoyed (and still somewhat do to be honest but not as extreme) that people would always unfollow me on twitter, instagram, unfriend me on Facebook, etc. that I realized that there are BIGGER things out there that we should be caring about.

In 10 years, will we really get angry just because we didn’t get enough likes on that photo or have more followers than following? No. So I finally realized and accepted that not everybody will like you. Not everybody will agree with what you have to say. And that’s ok because there will always be people out there who will think that they’re better than you. But in the end, we’re all human beings. We all have feelings and emotions and we all make mistakes. But hopefully along the way, we can all help each other become better people and make the world a better place (as cliche as that sounds).

If you got this far, thanks for reading and goodnight (from over here in California),



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