Serengetee Rep Project Q&A

Hi everyone!

I’m here to introduce to you a wonderful company by the name of Serengetee and just a small portion of my experience being a Serengetee Rep for the past Fall Quarter 2016.

What is Serengetee?

Serengetee is a clothing company that sells different types of fabrics from all over the world. With each purchase you make, some of the proceeds will donated to the respectable charity in the fabric’s home country.

For example, these two are modeling the fabric “Bamboo Pocket” which is made from Tokyo, Japan and helps to save our reefs and oceans. This fabric is assembled in Serengetee’s Los Angeles workshop and every pocket is one-of-a-kind. “Bamboo Pocket” is available in a crew shirt, long sleeve, baseball tee, tank, crew sweater, and more! The possibilities are endless 🙂


Bamboo Pocket Fabric

Why did I get involved in Serengetee?

I loved their mission and what they stood for. I always have the feeling of wanderlust (the desire to travel) so being able to work with them as a campus representative was amazing. After being accepted as one of Serengetee’s Fall West Coast 2016 reps, I felt like I was part of a really nice and welcoming community that all wanted to “Wear the World” and work together to create a really big impact on the world.


My Serengetee Gear!


Some of the Do’s and Don’t about Serengetee:

  • DO take your time in choosing what fabric you want.
  • DO take advantage of Serengetee’s offers on social media (Black Friday is a GREAT day to shop for Serengetee gear).
  • DO show your love for Serengetee by posting your haul tagging @Serengetee and #WearTheWorld.
  • DON’T  get overwhelmed by the number of fabrics on their site, you’ll definitely find one you can enjoy (especially with a coupon code).
  • DON’T forget to connect with Serengetee through their Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter @Serengetee.
  • DON’T forget to double check the sizing chart to make sure that you’re ordering a Serengetee item that fits perfectly. Their return policy is that you can’t return anything unless it is defective. If your product is defective then you can email to get a refund or change within 30 days of receiving the order.

If you follow all of these, you’ll be a happy Serengetee customer!


Me wearing the “Pugs” fabric

After being a campus rep, what inspired you the most about Serengetee?

Honestly, I wasn’t the most active campus rep, but being a part of Serengetee’s West Coast Getee Team made me want to explore more! Although I didn’t have much of a chance to explore this quarter, Serengetee was a reminder to get out there and see more of the world. When Ryan Westberg and Jeff Steitz went on a study abroad trip and came back with a vision to use these fabrics to make a positive change in the world, it inspired me to start making my own decisions to see the world. I’m currently applying to study abroad in Australia next fall quarter and am super excited to go abroad to just get out there and explore more of the world (and bring my Serengetee Gear along of course 😉 ).

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                     Travel More. Wear the World. Serengetee.


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